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Monday, October 31, 2016

Columbia Road Chaos

In the 1980s-1990s Columbia Road was always a party for some.  They'd drink and dance in the corner outside the laundromat, where, conveniently, there was a pay phone to hold a boombox or to  call friends and invite them to the party.  Drinking in the street wasn't frowned upon; it was largely ignored.   One exception, the time I ran for reelection of ANC and spray-painted "no drunks"  (a circle with crossbar, with "drunks" in the middle) signs in my single member district.  I lost the re-election.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

In our younger days . . People of Adams Morgan way back when

 (Left to right) Jan Fenty, mother of Adrian, 2nd and 3rd I don't know, Dottie Love Wade with the big smile, 5th unknown and Virginia Johnson, who was an ANC Commissioner and lived on Vernon Street.  /Photo by Nancy Shia  @nancy_shia

 Alfredo Weeks with one of his 18 children, Alfredo on 18th Street across the street from the Green Door Emporium, a secondhand store that helped The Green Door survive back then.

Alfredo was a vendor in Adams Morgan.  He sold books and incense and other things.  He was killed by gunshot one late night in February 1997, leaving behind seventeen children and one on the way.  /Photo by Nancy Shia  @nancy_shia

 Isa Ali and Malik Edwards.  Isa went on to become a mercenary in Lebanon and Bosnia and elsewhere.  Malik was formerly a Black Panther and has always been a great artist, still doing his art.  Isa is back in the neighborhood doing security for Madams Organ.
Maria y Sus Magnificos performed for the Hispanic Festival in 1977.  Here they are offering their great rhythms in Community Park West, which was renamed Walter Pierce Park.  /Photo byNancy Shia  @nancy_shia

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hare Krshna Performs In Front of Woodies in 1974 /Photos by Nancy Shia @nancy_shia

Although this is not Adams Morgan, it is an old photo of something that happened regularly in DC. 


Hare Krshna performs in front of Woodward & Lothrop's Department Store on F Street Northwest in 1974.   The Washington Evening Star was a DC staple for news.  /Photo by Nancy Shia

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/2014 Archiving Ed Jackson Photos

Ed Jackson was a long-time Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.  Before that he was active as a founding member of the Adams Morgan Organization in the early 1970s.  Below you will see him with many of the Adams Morgan community leaders of the past.  /Photos by Nancy Shia  All rights reserved.